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Finally! That is what you that follow us would say and we have the same feelings ... Finally we sent out our new song BREZ VDIHA (WITHOUT BREATH). The song has been created in the collaboration with the best Slovene guitarist and former member of the band Šank Rock BOR ZULJAN, who contributed the song arrangement and processed the song to its final sound. The music and lyrics were written by our member Tadej Prosenc and our collaboration will continue in the future … At the end of June a new fresh song is expected to come to the radio waves.


At the end of the year Folk Idoli have been (among many performances) intensively preparing for the significant change in the band. It is clear now that our band joined one of the prettiest celebrities on Slovene music scene – Petra Crnjac, who is also the amazing musician. In the past two years Petra has been part of the prettiest female duo in Slovenia in turbo group ATOMIK HARMONIK. We are certain that she will leave the unforgettable mark as invaluable added value in our band as well. We are extremely happy that you have joined us Petra! WELCOME!


Now it is official. Tadej and ensemble Kolovrat signed the agreement about termination of their collaboration. As known, Tadej and Uroš were also collaborating with Kolovrat and Atomik Harmonik. Uroš has decided to terminate the collaboration a long time ago; however, after the last performance with Kolovrat, Tadej has been also intensively thinking to fully concentrate on the work in our band. These steps of Uroš and Tadej were unavoidable since in the year 2012 we have many performances, recordings of the new songs and some other surprises that we are preparing. Tadej wishes the ensemble Kolovrat successful search of a new vocalist and much success in the already successful music career.

About  Us

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The origins of the group FOLK IDOLI go back to 2009 when Tadej Prosenc and Uroš Križman decided that after leaving the ensemble AJDA they set up a new band, which could offer the listener the music view from all angles.

In 2009 the band, by the invitation of Uroš and Tadej, gets new experienced musicians of one day popular Slovene music bands Ptujskih 5, Obvezna Smer, Kovinarji, Slovenski kvintet … Together they start the wheels of the band and create their first new copyright recordings.

Until 2011 the group FOLK IDOLI faces smaller ups and bigger downs. There are also some staff changes and „pause“ periods. Uroš and Tadej put the band in the „stand by“ mode and go separate ways. Uroš joins the very popular group Atomik Harmonik and Tadej joins promising ensemble Kolovrat.After few-months work in the mentioned bands they decide to leave them, gather their forces and gird their loins. In the middle of 2011 the band is bursting with energy! 

Year 2012 represents the important turning point in the history of the group FOLK IDOLI. Among Uroš, Tadej, Simon Prašnikar (who has been also collaborating with the ensemble AJDA), Robert Pinter (who gained his experience in the bands Ptujskih 5, Show Band Klobuk ) two new members join the band – ex-Atomic Petra Crnjac and Rok Podakar who was part of the accompanying band of Danijel Popovič. The group becomes academically enriched and supported by rich musical experiences.

In that period the band becomes one of the most wanted and occupied music groups on Slovene market.

In May 2012 they join forces with Slovene rock icon Bor Zuljan and after folk beginnings they surprise the Slovene music scene with pop/rock debut – single BREZ VDIHA (WITHOUT BREATH).

FOLK IDOLI prove their versatility and originality with folk as well as pop/rock copyright songs and their performances confirm their reputation of quality party band. What is more, the interest of the European market imposes greater responsibilities, professional approach and hard work.

Translation: BOŽENA ŽIŽEK